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Our Support for Jarred Fernandez,

A Kilometer for Jarred

This brave young boy has been battling Leukemia since the begging of the year. Whilst nearly almost all of us wake up each morning and take our health for granted , Jarred fights a ongoing battle daily. He spends much of his time in Hospital and can only get around by wheel chair. As a parent of three children i cant even try to begin to understand Jarred's circumstances , but i do know that supporting this young boy has weighed heavily on my heart and so i urge anyone to come alongside Jarred and his family and support them in any which way you can , be it through prayer , financial or just encouragement by email or letter.

If you would like more details , please email me at 

As we all know financial constraints are tight on all of us, and we don't plan for these types of events and so to have bills as a added pressure during these times is not helpful. Our aim is to come alongside Jarred and support him in the many ways his family may need at this time.

I , Wesley , will be participating in the Die Vlakte 42.2km race this weekend which runs from Heidelberg to Witsand. More details on the internet for the race. I am trying to find a sponsor for each of the kilometers run over the 42km , so ideally 42 sponsors. There is no amount to what you can donate as all donations will be greatly appreciated. I will take pictures and post comments during the race onto facebook and upload onto the website on Monday 24th November. Please join us on this support drive !